To be the leading consultancy provider of insurance and reinsurance services in Libya. Reduction of insurance premiums at least 25%. Providing special insurance services. Speedy collection of compensation amicably or judicially Continuity


   0202020 UEC is the product of a long work in a spirit of challenge and the tender of the first generation in the insurance sector and the modern to the beginning of the establishment of market insurance Libyan by the Arab cadres and Libyan, through ” Insurance Experience Office which was established since 1990 to this day , specialist in the field of Consulting and Insurance Brokerage direct insurance , between public & private business sector and domestic insurance companies.

              UEC is an update of the business cycle through the area of insurance Consulting and Insurance Brokerage to provide services to insurance companies.

              We have a network of relationships and the Libyans and foreign experts in the field of insurance and through them we have opened new horizons in the insurance Libyan market,, and we look forward to be one of the African and global markets in this sector.